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Rita is an experienced harp teacher, teaching both Celtic and pedal harp to young children and adults alike. Currently, Rita is principal harp tutor at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and Jr RBC and teaches privately at her home in Birmingham. Her students have been awarded on various competitions nationwide and been accepted on to study harp at Royal Welsh Academy of Music and Drama, Royal Northern College of Music and Birmingham Conservatoire. They have also gained places in the CBSO Youth Orchestra, National Schools' Symphony Orchestra and the National Children's Orchestra.


"Teaching is a significant and enriching part of my life. I prepare my students to achieve their goals and help them to grow and fulfil their musical potentials. Through a variety of subjects, my harp lessons also involve the study of music theory and musicianship, which helps my pupils not only to be able to play the harp but to become well-rounded musicians and aim to provide a comprehensive education that will enhance the learners understanding of bigger musical context. I like keeping my lessons fun and productive at the same time by encouraging parents to attend lessons, so they can learn with their child and guide them during their practice. No two children learn the same. Teaching young learners to have a great sense of responsibility, and I wish to provide them with a solid foundation of musical education, which they can build on in their later studies."


If you are interested having private harp lessons in Birmingham, please do not hesitate to contact me!


Harp teaching


The low strings like huge metal jail bars,
The high strings like short strands of dental floss,

The pillar like a huge warm yummy

chocholate fountain,

The top like a stunt park,

The pedals like penguins' feet,

The soundboard like a mountain ski slope,

The  dics like a weaving loom,

The tuning pins like fence posts lying down,

The strings rings sucking in every string like black holes in deep space.
Theo, age 9


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